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Friday Lighting

Notch Pendant by Superequipe

A beautiful pendant that casts amazing light by transitioning a solid material into a slotted or “notched” reveal of the light inside. Stunning.


Eclipse Floor Lamp for Raak by Evert Jelle Jellis (1963)

An industrial feel from the simple construction and materials, but a really good example of ingenuity using those basic materials. It has that ’60s feel but with a slight point to sci-fi or space inspiration. I think I would find myself constantly interacting with it. A beautiful light.


Sticks Coat Rack by Gridy

A coat rack with easily adjustable pegs that simply slip over the support board. 


Rhombic Triacontahedron Pendant

I’ve been working on another lighting concept that utilizes laser cut parts and plastic connectors that assembles into a geometric hedron. The great thing about this design is it would ship flat and is very easy to assemble. And numerous combinations of materials are easily achievable, with the light fixture in general being easily scale-able for different applications.

The first rough prototype is almost complete (top image) and about 16 inches in diameter but there is a lot of refinement and adjustments to be made from here. But I like where it is headed so far!


Seasons silicone leaf plates by Nao Tamura

Molded serving plates that very closely mimic reality. The idea was to show using technology you could very closely interpret nature. The outcome is pretty spectacular. 


Dowood Lamps by Colonel

Simple geometric painted beech shades with a wire base, but the end result is really fantastic.


Carbon Light by Tokio

A modular feather-weight lighting system utilizing LED bulbs. Sexy as hell.


Let’s Dance by Elsa Randé

A simple Oak console but with a pop of color and organization using colored wire.